What We Hope to Do with the Parrish Arts Council

Several small towns have successfully used the arts as a tool to re-establish the identity of their communities, preserve its history and to jump start the revitalization of its economy.  Activities that have been mentioned are craft shows, art exhibits, photographic competitions, musical performances, children's art programs, storytelling, and classes in the arts.

The Parrish Arts Council is now in the planning stages for activities for 2014.  When we get our schedule developed, we will publish it on this website.

In the recent survey in the Parrish Village News, a craft show scored top in what the people responding to the survey wanted to see in Parrish.

A Craft Show for Parrish

In the survey in the Parrish Village News, an art show was another type of arts activitiy requested.

An Art Show for Parrish

Parrish Arts Council